Hand Rail

Most of us take stairs for granted

People with mobility issues don’t, and they shouldn’t. We are conditioned over a lifetime that using stairs are a piece of cake, but when you lose your mobility, things that were easy before, aren’t anymore. The simple addition of a house or building handrail can make life a lot easier for some people and even prevent serious injuries.

Each year, thousands of people injured as a result of slips, trips, and falls on stairways. Handrails provide support and stability while climbing up or down a flight of stairs, walking down a hallway or walkway, or maneuvering in a bathroom. They add a third point of contact, which is essential for older populations and extremely beneficial for the younger population as well.

When used properly handrails can decrease the rate of falls, leading to safer environments. They provide a universal design element that benefits all populations. Ideally, handrails should have a “‘power grip’, which allows the entire hand to grab the rail rather than just the fingers. While most injuries are minor like sprains and strains, some people suffer from fractures or concussions as a result of their fall, making the inclusion of handrails extremely important in preventing both minor and serious injuries

What is the ideal handrail material for me?

The ideal handrail material depends on the application, location, and aesthetic of the desired handrail.

For commercial applications where handrails will receive a lot of use, choosing a material that is highly durable, unlikely to rust, and easily cleaned is ideal.

In residential applications, especially private homes, handrails won’t receive as much use, so a less durable material may be acceptable.

If the handrail is to be located outdoors, durability is essential to getting the most out of a handrail. Choosing a material that can stand up to sun, wind, rain, and snow will ensure that the handrail will last and continue to look great.

Wood, wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminum are the most popular handrail materials.

Whether used for a residential or commercial application, on a staircase or in a hallway, in a retirement home or elementary school, handrails create support and stability for anyone traveling from one place to another.

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